US inward investment services in the wind energy sector

Representing the US State of North Dakota on a pan European basis to identify and engage with businesses interested in exploring inward investment in the on-shore wind energy sector.

The project involved a considerable amount of desk based research on the European wind energy market, on businesses who may become potential prospects, on the State’s credentials in the sector, on the State’s inward investment proposition and on the competitive position.

Having achieved this, the key issue was to stimulate interest across the European market. Work started on this immediately with 3 key actions prioritised:

  • Engagement with prospective European businesses
  • Engagement with supportive European partners
  • Attendance at European wind trade shows/exhibitions

Extensive travel was undertaken across Europe complimented with regular and widespread outbound marketing using a blend of social media, email and letter. It became clear that 1:1 engagement with the market was the best way to stimulate interest.

Considerable momentum was created across Europe so work was also undertaken by Deyton Bell in the USA in an effort to capitalise on opportunities generated.

The contract lasted for 4 years and was highly successful.

US inward investment services in the wind energy sector

Key facts








The State of North Dakota


To represent the State of North Dakota on a pan European basis in order to identify and engage with businesses potentially interested in exploring inward investment  involving the on shore wind energy sector.


  • Economic growth strategy
  • Business engagement
  • Renewable energy
  • Inward investment


  • Research of European wind energy market
  • State representation across Europe
  • Internal/external stakeholder engagement
  • Lead generation/marketing activity

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