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Community Development – East Midlands

Community Development increases the ability of communities to be at the heart of improving their lives and areas where they live. Most effectively driven at neighbourhood level by skilfully developing the capacity of communities you will see a tremendous positive impact on both communities and individuals from Community Development.

Below is one example that a member of our team has been involved with in a city in the East Midlands. There are many others!

If this interests you, speak to us to see how you can work with us to develop something similar and appropriate for your area!

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Increasing community spirit to make the neighbourhood a better place to live

A community was looking to increase community spirit and make their neighbourhood a better place to live. But they didn’t know how to start this process or what involvement they could expect. Community Development professionals supported them, by developing their skills and capacity, starting with organising a public meeting which led to them being able to form a ‘Friends’ group for the area.

The project achievements

With our Community Development professional support, the ‘Friends’ group with additional support and mentoring were able to initiate the following projects:

Developed its own constitution

Secured four separate funding grants

Carried out a clean-up campaign in the area

Campaigned for a local newspaper delivery

Provided 60,000 bulbs for planting

Erected a new welcome sign at the entrance

Engaged young people to secure a youth club and play provision

Restored pride in the area making it a better place to live

With our support, the project restored pride in the area making it a far more welcoming and peaceful place to live and continues to develop opportunities for all. 

All this was achieved in the first two years!

This project also included elements of Co-Production as local people were at the core of the change and continue to be involved, working with the local council and Councillors contributing to and enhancing policies that impact on the area. They have also begun to develop partnerships with other agencies that work locally with a focus on sustainability.

As a consequence of this high quality and skilful Community Development and Co-Production the group has made a tangible, positive impact in the neighbourhood creating a more liveable environment, greatly improving wellbeing and social value!

If this interests you, speak to us to see how you can work with us to develop something similar and appropriate for your area!

Client quote example: Neil and the team at Deyton Bell analysed every aspect of our organisation, activities and partnerships and provided tangible plans which we’ve been able to implement – with the support guiding all decisions along the journey. 

James Smith, Sheffield University 

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