Development of inward investment services

The project involved recommendation of strategic development and implementation plans, and then delivery of inward investment services across an area of key strategic economic importance in the UK.

Research undertaken for our client revealed that they attracted about 15 inward investment projects a year. A change in approach and performance was required and it was necessary to:

  • Devise a strategic development plan
  • Devise an implementation plan
  • Gain agreement for both and lead delivery
  • Increase the number of new enquiries received
  • Increase the number of new projects actually secured
  • Increase the scale of business retentions/expansions

Over a 12 month period much work was done to address the situation. The key actions included:

  • Provision of expertise/advice to our client and partners
  • Development of an inward investment strategy
  • Development of costed implementation plans
  • Establishment of an inward investment team
  • Establishment of a marketing/campaign strategy
  • Development of marketing collateral
  • Development of links to UK private/public sector partner
  • Development of international partner links

During the year project outputs were positive. Inward investment was increased via a clear focus on number and value of projects. Our client secured 21 projects, a 31% increase year on year, with 72% of projects secured were good value or better, a 30% improvement.

Inward Investment Strategy

Key facts




In house support




UK Economic Development Organisation


To recommend strategic development and implementation plans, and then manage delivery of, inward investment services.

  • Economic growth strategy
  • Inward investment
  • Investor development
  • Research of current state
  • Internal/external stakeholder engagement
  • Collation of findings
  • Consideration of options
  • Development of recommendations

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