About Us

Deyton Bell offer economic and commercial development support to global public, private and not for profit organisations, through a range of consultancy, in house and outsourced services. Our business has developed a blue chip track record since we were founded in 2005 and our Director led team offers a collaborative and transparent way of working designed to generate outstanding results and maximum value for our clients. Deyton Bell are based in Cambridge England, about 50 miles north of London.

Our business was founded by Chris Parkhouse in 2005 and since then we have gone from strength to strength. Steve McAteer joined Chris in 2011 and in the following years their shared values have defined way the business has developed. Chris and Steve have formed a strong and successful friendship and partnership that continues today. In 2017, Pat Smith and Neil Darwin joined Chris and Steve, and then in 2019 Harriet joined the team. Together these 5 highly experienced professionals now form the Senior Management, client facing and primary delivery team of the business. Our dedicated and hugely talented support colleagues, Peta Parkhouse, Krista Bagley and Jenny Wilton ensure that all the behind the scenes aspects of our business run smoothly, and together we are proud to form the Deyton Bell team.

Our business has considerable experience in the Asia Pacific region, across Europe, in the Middle East and Africa, and across North America. Our activities to date have been spread right across these key regions, and we travel extensively as needed in order to produce the best results. Irrespective of scale or complexity, the results we produce for our clients exceed their expectations and demonstrate very tangible return on investment.

We regularly work with Major Corporations, Universities, Business Groups, Professional Bodies, Government, Diplomats, Public Sector and Economic Development Bodies around the world and we have always specialized in the same areas of work. We are experts in our field and know our business and our market. We do not chase trends or seek to artificially create opportunity, but we do seek to provide professional, client focused, results driven services with partnership always at the heart of what we do and integrity the dominant characteristic of our work.


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