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Cambridge, UK, 12 November 2007. Deyton Bell, the business development specialists based in Cambridge, UK, are delighted to announce their appointment by leading UK retailer Halfords to help them promote and support their national Cycle2Work scheme.

Cycle2work is an important UK wide initiative which encourages people to vary their commuting routine by using a bike to get to work and which offers benefits to employers, employees and the environment.

The scheme is provided by leading UK retailer and nationally recognised cycle experts, Halfords, who have appointed Deyton Bell, the business development specialists, to help them promote and offer Cycle2Work to a wide range of organisations, notably including SME’s. While Halfords provide the scheme and the bikes using their extensive choice of bicycle and bicycle safety equipment available across the UK, Deyton Bell will provide a professionally managed service to support the promotion and establishment of schemes.

Running a Cycle2Work scheme is simple. Basically, in setting up a scheme, employers buy bikes and associated safety equipment for employees, who use the bike, and then reimburse the employer monthly.

There are some important potential financial advantages to the scheme, but it’s not just the financial issues that make Cycle2Work attractive. If people stop driving and start to cycle to work, road congestion can be reduced, and congestion charges can be avoided. Importantly, it’s possible to use the scheme even if employees don’t Cycle2Work every day – people can cycle occasionally, or for part of their journey and it’s possible to Cycle2Work from a park and ride site or ride to a station and then get a train, or even to only Cycle2Work on warm sunny days – and still join the scheme.

Employers who offer Cycle2Work schemes can benefit from a fitter, less stressed workforce, can be seen as a business offering an innovative benefit to staff which helps differentiate their employment proposition, possibly helping with recruitment and retention of staff, can contribute positively to their corporate social responsibility agenda and can help the environment as well by potentially reducing congestion on roads and in car parks. Cycle2work is a great way to set up a green transport and environmentally friendly commuting plan that helps us all.

Employees who participate in schemes offered by their employers can get bikes and associated equipment at great prices, make a positive contribution both to the reduction of congestion and to a cleaner environment, have fun, and get fit. It’s real win – win scheme.

Chris Parkhouse, Deyton Bell Founder and Managing Director commented: “I am delighted that Halfords have appointed Deyton Bell to work closely with them on this exciting initiative which encourages a cleaner, greener and cost effective form of transport and which benefits employers, employees and the environment”.

Further detailed information about the scheme is available from Deyton Bell.  Please contact Chris Parkhouse on +44 1223 873033 or email .