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Cambridge, UK, 9 November 2007 – Deyton Bell Founder and Managing Director Chris Parkhouse has just returned from one of his many successful trips to the US this year – this time to Houston, Texas.

Parkhouse was one of the expert keynote speakers invited to give a speech on ‘Doing Business in the UK’ at an event in Houston that attracted a wide ranging audience of local businesses.

Deyton Bell specialise in business development, offering a range of consultancy, interim management and outsourced services focused on partnership, sales and proposition related issues for organisations from all sectors and of all sizes, both domestically and internationally. The business is particularly interested in transatlantic business development issues, as Chris has lived, worked and been educated in both the US and UK. In Houston he shared his 25 years experience and his unique personal insight to cover a variety of important issues designed to help US organisations interested in exploring UK opportunities.

‘Doing Business in the UK’ was just one of the transatlantic initiatives Chris has been involved with this year as the demand for the firms international expertise continues to develop in both the US and the UK.

Commenting on his recent trip, Parkhouse said, “I’m delighted to see the increasing demand for our transatlantic services as more and more organisations seek to explore overseas initiatives. Our expert knowledge and skill is of real value to these businesses so we particularly look forward to continuing to help develop the exciting range of opportunities that exist in the world of transatlantic business development for clients on both sides of the Atlantic.”