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The current economic climate is affecting businesses differently. While many are looking for ways of developing new opportunities or growing, others are focusing on the basics.

Either way there are of course still enormous opportunities waiting to be developed across huge markets. Businesses may want to build or develop commercial traction or explore emerging opportunities but without committing to long term or permanent risks and costs.

At Deyton Bell we can help organisations do this.  We provide specialist services to clients who, for whatever reason, want to explore or develop new and existing opportunities. We work with private business, business groups and government bodies. We specialise in sales, marketing and partnership services and have recently launched in March 2009 our exciting new ‘Freelance Sales Director’ and ‘Outsourced Sales Team’ initiatives.

  • Our ‘Freelance Sales Director’ offering is an exciting new service that can really help businesses needing a new or additional Sales or Marketing Director to open up new opportunities, fill gaps, accelerate sales results or build additional capacity, as organizations can now hire an expert and highly experienced member of the Deyton Bell team to do this work for them.
  • Our ‘Outsourced Sales Team’ initiative enables us to offer full marketing and sales team support to all clients. This valuable service means that clients can use Deyton Bell’s expert marketing, sales and sales support teams as their own, an option that provides important consistency as sales grow and a convenient linkage to the ‘Freelance Sales Director’ option outlined above.

These exciting services enable our clients to gain expertise and additional capacity – fast. Easy to implement, they both offer part time sales and marketing expertise on a scalable cost effective basis, making an attractive alternative to long term solutions.

Organisations wanting to successfully develop activity, gain commercial traction or accelerate progress may need expert guidance, extra capacity, additional capability, new contacts, or specialist skill to do so – and our new services can help.

So why not let Deyton Bell take the strain? We have a powerful proposition based on the skill, knowledge and experience of our team, our wide ranging contacts, our location, our track record and reputation, and our ability to successfully deliver results – on time and on budget – every time.

And the cost for doing this is much less than long term or permanent solutions and you don’t even have to leave your office!

If you would like to know more please contact us on 01223-873033, or email
Chris Parkhouse () or Steve McAteer () for more information.

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