Deyton Bell have extensive experience working with overseas organisations with diverse needs, from territories as far a field as the USA and Asia,  who want to expand their business to the UK and European markets.


We have particular expertise in Transatlantic Business Development, where we have worked with State government, businesses and other organisations on a variety of projects. Our Managing Director, Chris Parkhouse is a US citizen, who has been educated and worked in the US and has been living in the UK for over 30 years. He regularly spends time in both the US and Europe undertaking various activities.

Deyton Bell has an excellent track record in working with international clients to develop their business or explore opportunities in the UK and European markets. We have a proven ability and credibility with many organisations where for example we have:

  • Identified potential buyers, distributors and influential commentators
  • Provided lead generation and marketing services
  • Offered consultancy support and advice
  • Identified and developed new business opportunities
  • Provided specialist relationship development and management services
  • Succeeded with new client identification, acquisition and retention

We have the ability to offer international organisations support to develop into the UK and European markets in many ways, such as:


  • Undertaking strategic analysis, feasibility study, tactical planning
  • Establishing and developing a commercial footprint
  • Developing and launching products and services
  • Identifying, establishing and managing customer relationships
  • Designing, developing and managing sales operations
  • Developing/amending propositions to suit the market
  • Identifying and establishing strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Identifying and developing supply and distribution options
  • Attending and reporting on exhibitions, trade shows and conferences
  • Liaising with commentators and journalists
  • Networking with Influencers and business groups
  • Providing research / analysis / business intelligence
  • Developing and implementing 2 way trade and investor missions
  • Providing effective partnering / outsourcing to reduce costs

Deyton Bell also offer these services to UK companies who want to expand their business to international markets and can provide them with support through our own expertise and via our network of global contacts and partners.

All of this offers organisations an attractive range of solutions that enable them to develop overseas opportunities without the need to relocate key people or commit to long term people, premises or other fixed costs, as the services offered by Deyton Bell can be tailored to individual requirements.

View our case studies for specific examples of projects we have worked on.


International Exhibition Service


The current economic climate is affecting businesses on a global scale – budgets have been cut, businesses need to prioritise – one of the first casualties is often postponing/cancelling foreign travel, particularly trips to overseas exhibitions and conferences.

Businesses also need to demonstrate more efficiency and sometimes there is not the time for staff to go to the UK/Europe to attend an exhibition or conference – even if it may help the business long term by identifying competitors, targeting potential new customers and raising the company profile.

Deyton Bell can help your organisation by providing a complete and comprehensive Exhibition Service.

We provide this service to overseas clients who, for whatever reason, cannot attend an exhibition or conference but want to benefit from the event, as if they had been present.

We can attend exhibitions or conferences in the UK or Europe and provide:

  • Information on other exhibitors: their products, literature and contacts at the show.
  • Information on competitors in your field: whether exhibiting, speaking or being talked about.
  • Video footage and photos, if permitted and relevant.
  • Analysis of issues under discussion in workshops and seminar sessions.
  • Full delegate documentation, including event guides, exhibitors and delegates lists if available
  • And provide you with a full report within a week of attending the exhibition/conference: defining all of the above plus any other specific issues identified.

Our charges are based on attendance at an event for one full day and are dependant on the costs involved to attend a particular conference/exhibition. However it is possible to attend for longer and offer alternate services by separate negotiations – we are always happy to tailor make our service to suit our clients’ requirements. 

We are delighted to offer this valuable international service, so please contact Steve McAteer () or Chris Parkhouse () for more information.