At Deyton Bell, our aim is to generate high quality professional results for organisations both in the UK and overseas. To make best use of our specialist expert knowledge, we organise ourselves around the following practice areas:

Expertise Diagram

View our case studies for specific examples of projects we have worked on.


Strategic Development


We are specialists in strategic and tactical review, feasibility studies, analysis, planning and implementation, able to share our experience in tackling a variety of options involving market entry, development or exit, organic growth, upscaling, downsizing, disposal, merger or acquisition.

Distribution Development

We help clients maximise opportunities from existing or emerging distribution channels, using our specialist knowledge of distribution to advise on the options, especially when involving B2B, B2C, B2B2C, telephony, worksite, affinity, retail, corporate, internet, and intermediated models – where we are able to utilise our experience to assist with the design of innovative solutions.

Sales Development

We are able to offer expertise on the design, development, management and improvement of effective and efficient sales teams, territories, campaigns and processes, along with a range of services that are designed to help organisations of all sizes develop appropriate opportunities.

Key Account Development


By using expert knowledge of the very best practices, combined with practical hands on experience of developing complex long term relationships, we can help businesses acquire, develop, protect and manage highly profitable client relationships.

Strategic Alliances

We have considerable experience of this area domestically and internationally, and are able to share our expertise in identifying, constructing, developing and managing high yielding and mutually beneficial strategic alliances, joint ventures, collaborations, franchises, networks and partnerships established for a variety of purposes.

Proposition Development

We can assist those involved in the marketing and proposition worlds by providing expert support and services with particular focus on the development or repositioning of brands or products or on the development of educational and information services.

Operational Delivery

Having a great idea, making plans or devising strategy are all important but making it happen and generating results is quite different. We pride ourselves on our ability to get things done for our clients and while we can conceptualise and create solutions, we’re also very happy to roll our sleeves up and generate traction – taking initiatives from idea to implementation.

International development

This is one of our key areas of expertise and special interest. We can help with all aspects of international trade, economic and business development issues, drawing on personal experience in many areas.

We have particular expertise with development issues between the US and the UK and our team comprises citizens of both countries with considerable global experience, enabling us to provide expertise and services either side of the Atlantic as well as to organizations in other nations all over the world. Please click for more details on International Business Development.

Special Areas of Interest

We pride ourselves in covering all aspects of business development but do have some specific areas where we have particular expertise.


Financial Services – in areas involving sales, marketing, strategic alliances, partnerships and distribution. Chris Parkhouse has over 20 years experience in varying roles at every level from salesman to Sales Director and has an in depth understanding of the major issues facing financial services organisations. He has operated in all major distribution models including: B2B, B2C, B2B2C, corporate, retail, direct, telephone and intermediated.

Employee Benefits – our expertise in employee benefits is directly linked to our financial services knowledge but has been developed over the longer term. We have built a great track record in this area of work as both employees and consultants with experience gained from organisations such as Provident Mutual, General Accident, Guardian Employee Benefits, Virginmoney and Abbey and have been involved with both regulated and non-regulated employee benefit work for over 20 years.

Transatlantic Business Development – is a key aspect to our activity due to the extremely close connection between Deyton Bell and the USA at both a personal and professional level. We have some form of contact with every State and have worked with organisations ranging from State governments to business groups and private clients to professional advisors, which enables us to provide very special services to organisations wanting to explore and develop opportunities either side of the Atlantic. For US organisations this means they have a trusted expert they can call on in the UK that is capable of supporting their European business development. For UK organisations we can offer valuable expert assistance to speed up their exploration and expansion into the US markets.

Higher Education – we are always interested in working with higher education bodies as our team comprises experts with directly relevant, in depth experience. We have an Emeritus Professor of International Business and a former University of London bursar in our team and believe we can therefore offer valuable expertise. We have already worked with several of the Cambridge colleges and are in a position to combine specialist knowledge with our expertise in business development to help other higher education bodies tackle a variety of challenges.

View our case studies for specific examples of projects we have worked on.